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Now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Student Advisory Board!

This past Spring we invited students to apply for the 2017-2018 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board. Each Board Member has a proven track record of caring deeply about equity and hustling to change the communities and institutions around them for the better. These students will serve as advisors, liaisons, and problem solvers who will support the Office’s mission of building equity for all.

Learn more about the Student Advisory Board:

Student Advisory Board 2017-2018


Ah Lim Lee

Junior, Political Science & Economics, Pre-Law
Minor: French

Contact: alee970107@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: I imagine most people will give this answer, but truly, my favorite thing about UCLA is the people I have met here. I have met my closest friends, the kindest and wisest mentors, and the most inspiring student leaders and advocates here at UCLA, who, outside of my family, have been some of the most important influences in changing and shaping the way I think and the person I am today.

People might be surprised to know…I have only had a chance to live in my home country (South Korea) for one and a half year in my entire life. For the remaining 19 years, I spent 17 in Indonesia and the past two in Los Angeles. On the other hand, when I am stressed out I have a habit of making tons of different schedules (e.g. Google calendar, daily planners, to-do lists on sticky notes).


Annie Guilyard

Senior, Political Science

Contact: annieguilyard1@ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: I love the people. There are enough people that I can meet somebody new almost everyday. I am constantly being offered new perspectives and challenges to what I thought I already knew. It is a gift to be surrounded by so many people I can learn from in an environment that fosters it such as UCLA.

People might be surprised to know…I love to walk on my hands!


Brad Fingard

Senior, Political Science

Contact: bfingard@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: Opportunity. With over 125 majors, 80 minors, 3,000 undergraduate courses, and tons of research funding, the academic opportunities are endless. The location in Los Angeles, CA in addition to the expansive Bruin Family allow for tons of professional and career opportunities. The diversity of this campus provides students the opportunity to be exposed to new, robust narratives and perspectives, which facilitate personal growth.

People might be surprised to know…I am a caffeine fiend because I work for Starbucks and have for the past four years.


Gaurav Lalsinghani

Senior, Political Science & Statistics

Contact: gaurav.lalsinghani@gmail.com

Favorite Thing About UCLA: UCLA is a beacon for student engagement. The opportunity to interact with faculty and students that stem from all parts of the world and all walks of life has allowed me to not only understand the experiences and goals of those I interact with, but better understand my own narrative and ambitions and for that I am truly grateful.

People might be surprised to know that…I love to dabble in improv theater!


Kyla Worell

Sophomore, Asian American Studies

Contact: kworrell@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: I am always inspired, uplifted, and empowered by the amazing leaders I have met and continue to meet throughout campus. Also close to my heart is the UCLA queer and trans community; I would not be here today without their support.

People might be surprised to know…I have a twin who goes to USC! Let me know if you see them around.


Isabel Leamon

Senior, Psychology & Anthropology

Contact: ileamon@ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: I love that everyone at UCLA is passionate about something and is engaged in pursuing their passions.

People might be surprised to know…I love hiking!


Jabril Muhammad

Senior, Sociology
Minors: Math, English

Contact: jabrilmuhammad2@gmail.com

Favorite thing about UCLA: This may sound ironic, but what I’ve enjoyed the most about UCLA has actually been the pursuit of solving its problems! Working as a student organizer on campus has provided me with an abundance of outlets for creativity and people-problem solving, and has allowed me to establish a strong network of relationships with like-minded students, staff, and faculty.

People might be surprised to know…I have double-jointed shoulders!


Jacqueline Diaz Madrigal

Senior, Political Science
Minor: Labor Workplace Studies

Contact: jdiazmadrigal@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: The lovely weather, and picturesque study spots are just a few of the things that make UCLA stand out. Despite its unique beauty, my favorite thing about my school is definitely the community I’ve developed. As a UCLA student I’ve had the chance to meet the most passionate, driven, and supportive people I consider family. As a student who is not from the Los Angeles area, it was reassuring to know that as soon as I started school I had a support system. After two years of fundraising and advocating, I feel immensely fulfilled. I have so much love for MEChA de UCLA! Also, thanks to fundraising, I am now able to cook Jaiba that my mother can be proud of!

People might be surprised to know…that despite my serious demeanor, I love kids and I make a great babysitter.


Luis Vasquez

2nd Year J.D. Student, Specialization in Critical Race Studies

Contact: vasquez2019@lawnet.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: There is an incredible amount of opportunity here, you simply need to go out and find it!  From all of the amazing causes and projects you can become involved with to having some of the world’s greatest minds always at your fingertips, UCLA is bursting with ways to not only improve yourself, but to help elicit positive change in the world while doing it.

People might be surprised to know…I have an allergy to undercooked beef! (…and about 100 other things too!)


Robyn Price

2nd Year Ph.D. Student, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Contact: rsprice@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: I really appreciate the sense of community that I have experienced on campus. Not just within my department, but across disciplines I have found students and faculty excited when presented with opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects. As a graduate student, it has been really refreshing to see my colleagues working together and supporting one another and I am really thankful that UCLA fosters such an inclusive environment.

People might be surprised to know…I have a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.


Sana Rahim

M.B.A. Student, Class of 2019, FEMBA

Contact: sanarahim@g.ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: The immense pride and honor that people take in being a part of this community. From brand new undergraduates to seasoned faculty, people cherish being a Bruin and work hard to uphold the values of this community. I’m proud to be part of this family and look forward to making it even better over the coming year.

People might be surprised to know…I have been to Istanbul 5 times and I still don’t think I’m done yet. I did research on gender equity during my college days and just completed a fellowship at the UNDP Istanbul office. If you need travel tips for Turkey, I’m your girl!


Stacey Shin

Ph.D. Candidate, English

Contact: limen@ucla.edu

Favorite thing about UCLA: The diversity of the campus community is remarkable. During my time as a student, instructor, and mentor, I have established relationships with students and staff from all walks of life, including first-generation students, former foster youth, nontraditional students, refugees, transfer students, undocumented students, and veterans. I am incredibly grateful to be among individuals that provide necessary and unique histories and perspectives that enrich the UCLA community.

People might be surprised to know…I am a painter and a sculptor.