What are the BruinX Dashboards?

BruinX Dashboards are user-friendly, interactive visualizations that help us see important information about UCLA, including the diversity of its students, staff, and faculty.  Dashboards are organized such that  when you click on one of the blue buttons below (e.g., Student, Staff, Faculty, Leadership) a pop-up will open and display all of the available Dashboards for the population you selected.  In the spirit of fast iteration, new Dashboards will be added regularly and existing Dashboards will be updated as new information becomes available. 

For more information about the Dashboards, please see our FAQs.  For help navigating the Dashboards, please refer to our BruinX Dashboards User Guide.


Where can I get more information about UCLA students, staff, and faculty ?  

Faculty and other academic personnel (including librarians, postdoctoral scholars, and researchers):

We acknowledge that there are other academic personnel, besides faculty, at UCLA and that these other academic appointees do not yet appear in our BruinX Dashboards.  Examples of groups not currently displayed in our Dashboards are librarians, postdoctoral scholars, professional researchers, and project scientists. Please be assured that we are conscious of this gap in information and are in the process of building Dashboards for other (non-faculty) academic appointees, which will be added to this website as soon as they are complete.  In the meantime, the reports/resources listed below contain some basic information on non-faculty academic appointees.

UCLA Campus Faculty Diversity Statistics (2004-2005 to 2014-2015).  Prior to the BruinX Dashboards, information about the gender and racial/ethnic composition of regular-rank faculty was published in the UCLA Campus Faculty Diversity Monograph. Campus Mongraphs contain statistics about the current population of regular-rank faculty at the department level.  Academic departments in all schools, except for the School of Medicine, are included in the Monograph. The School of Medicine publishes a separate Diversity Statistics Monograph, which includes information on a broader set of academic series than regular-rank faculty.

UCLA School of Medicine Diversity Statistics (2009-2010 to 2015-2016).  The School of Medicine produces its own set of Diversity Statistics (independent from the Campus Monograph). PDF versions of the School of Medicine Diversity Statistics are available on the School of Medicine Diversity Affairs Office website.

UCLA Academic Affirmative Action Plan (AAAP).  In compliance with federal guidelines, UCLA annually submits an Academic Affirmative Action Plan (separate from the Staff Affirmative Action Plan), detailing the UCLA academic workforce and comparing incumbencies against national benchmarks.  The AAAP consists of information on gender, race/ethnicity, disability status, and veteran status for all academic employees (including, but not limited to, faculty, librarians, postdoctoral scholars, researchers, and lecturers).

UCLA Faculty Salary Equity Study.  A joint Senate-Administration Faculty Salary Equity Committee was established to develop a comprehensive study of salaries by gender and race/ethnicity. This report focuses on Senate faculty of the General Campus and analyzes salary data as of July 1, 2013.

UCLA Academic Personnel Office (APO).  The UCLA Academic Personnel Office develops, implements and manages policies and procedures pertaining to the employment relationship between an academic appointee and UCLA.  System-wide policies and procedures are issued by the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and published in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM). Local policies and procedures are documented in the UCLA Call.


UCLA Staff Affirmative Action Plan.  In compliance with federal guidelines, UCLA annually submits a Staff Affirmative Action Plan (separate from the Academic Affirmative Action Plan), detailing the UCLA staff workforce and comparing incumbencies against national benchmarks. The Staff AAP consists of information on the gender, race/ethnicity, disability status, and veteran status for all UCLA staff (including professional and support staff (PSS), management and senior professionals (MSP), and senior management group (SMG).

UCLA Staff Diversity Office.  On the UCLA Staff Diversity website, you will find more information about the University’s Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity programs, Diversity Education and Training, and procedures for staff employees seeking assistance with workplace concerns.


Academic Planning & Budget Office (APB).  The Academic Planning & Budget Office publishes official UCLA institutional data on students, including admissions, enrollments, degrees, and graduation rates. From the APB homepage, click on the Campus Statistics tab to link to data tables and charts.

Student Affairs Information & Research Office (SAIRO).  SAIRO is the research and assessment office within UCLA’s Student Affairs organization. In the Reports and Data section of the SAIRO website you will find a variety of analytical briefs, data tables, and other resources about the UCLA student population.