The Leadership Demographics Dashboard provides 9 years of data on the gender and racial/ethnic composition of UCLA Department Chairs, Deans, and Senior Administrators. Data are charted in three-year increments; hover over the bars to view individual years.


Data Source: Data were collected from records of senior administrators, deans, and department chairs maintained by the UCLA Academic Personnel Office.



  1.  For instances in which the incumbent changed during an academic year, we report on the individual who held the position at the end of the year.


Data Definitions

Race/Ethnicity. The following racial/ethnic categories are reported: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian/Asian-American, Black/African-American, Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic, Two or More Races, White, and Not Reported.

Individuals categorized as Asian/Asian-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Asian, Chinese/Chinese-American, Filipino/Pilipino, Japanese/Japanese-American, Korean/Korean-American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Pakistani/East Indian, Other Asian.

Individuals categorized as Black/African-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Black/African-American (Not of Hispanic Origin), Black/African American, North African.

Individuals categorized as Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic self-identified into one of the following groups: Hispanic, Latin American/Latino, Mexican/Mexican-American/Chicano, Other Spanish/Spanish-American.

Individuals categorized as White self-identified as one of the following groups: European, Middle Eastern, White (Not of Hispanic Origin), White.