Data used in the Staff Demographics Dashboard were generated using November snapshots from payroll. The BruinX Dashboards separately report information on Staff (Non-Academic) Personnel and Academic Personnel, as academic and non-academic employees are governed under unique sets of policies and practices within the UC system. Staff Personnel hold positions in executive, management, clerical/administrative, clinical, technical, maintenance, student staff, and other occupational areas.



Data Source: UCLA Workforce Report, prepared by the Office of Academic Planning and Budget

Data Definitions

Full-time equivalent (FTE). A measure of work expended or courses taught by faculty. FTE is a budget term used to describe a unit equal to a full-time (100 percent) position for one year (as distinguished from Headcount, which counts the number of individuals).

Headcount. The total number of individuals.  Counts whole persons (as distinguished from FTE, which calculates percentage of time in an appointment. FTE counts can be less than 1.00 if an individual is part-time or has a joint or split appointment).

Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP). Managers and senior professionals provide leadership and professional expertise at the highest levels to major university units, programs or fields of work, and are accountable for their areas of responsibility.

Professional & Support Staff (PSS). Professional and support staff provide administrative, professional, technical, and operational support through independent judgment, analytical skill, and professional or technical expertise, or are responsible for providing clerical, administrative, technical, service, and maintenance support for university departments, programs, and fields of study.

Race/Ethnicity. The following racial/ethnic categories are reported: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian/Asian-American, Black/African-American, Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic, Two or More Races, White, and Unknown.

Individuals categorized as Asian/Asian-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Asian, Chinese/Chinese-American, Filipino/Pilipino, Japanese/Japanese-American, Korean/Korean-American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Pakistani/East Indian, Other Asian.

Individuals categorized as Black/African-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Black/African-American (Not of Hispanic Origin), Black/African American, North African.

Individuals categorized as Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic self-identified into one of the following groups: Hispanic, Latin American/Latino, Mexican/Mexican-American/Chicano, Other Spanish/Spanish-American.

Individuals categorized as White self-identified as one of the following groups: European, Middle Eastern, White (Not of Hispanic Origin), White.

Senior Management Group (SMG). Positions designated as senior management provide leadership requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of universitywide or campuswide policy and program direction and accountability for long-term results.