Undergraduate admissions dashboards present data at three stages of the admissions process: application, admission, and enrollment. Data are organized by students’ declared majors at application. Although students may choose not to declare a major at this time, they must select a school/division for evaluation purposes. In these cases, they are reported as undeclared within a school or division. For trend analysis purposes, majors have been assigned to their current organizational areas and most recent official program names.


Data Source: University of California System Admissions and CSS Third Week files, prepared by the Office of Analysis and Information Management.

Note: Demographic data for all three stages of the admissions process reflect students’ self-reports at application. Limited students are not included in counts.


Gender.  Prior to fall 2015, student undergraduate admissions applications contained a single item about gender with male and female response choices. Thus, the majority of our current students  selected one of these gender choices at application.

The following items have since replaced the previous assessment of gender as a binary construct. However, until we acquire sufficient data for these new gender items, we continue to report gender as male or female.

How do you describe yourself? (Choose from male, female, trans male/trans man, trans female/trans woman, genderqueer/gender non-conforming, or different identity (please specify))

What sex were you assigned at birth, such as on an original birth certificate? (Choose from male, female, or decline to state)

URM Status. American Indian/Alaskan Native, Black Non-Hispanic, and Hispanic students are considered  underrepresented minorities (URMs). All other students, including International and Unknown are considered non-URMs.