This page provides a home for research and data related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Current and trend information about the gender and racial/ethnic composition of students, faculty, and staff may be viewed via the BruinX Dashboards.

Learn more about the BruinXperience app, our real-time student climate assessment mobile app launched in academic year 2018-19. Look for us to post preliminary findings soon!

BruinX Data Dashboards

BruinX Dashboards are user-friendly, interactive visualizations that help us see important information about UCLA, including the diversity of its students, staff, and faculty. 

BruinXperience Mobile App

The BruinXperience mobile app provides a space for students to communicate which of their experiences at UCLA  (good, bad, indifferent) have contributed to their sense of connection with the university. Findings will be used to inform university administrators about areas in which the university excels at connecting with students and areas in which the university could improve these efforts, with the goal of increasing feelings of connectedness across all student groups. We plan to extend the app to staff, faculty, and all academic personnel in the future.

UCLA Faculty Salary Equity Study

A joint Senate-Administration Faculty Salary Equity Committee was established to develop a comprehensive study of salaries by gender and race/ethnicity. This report focuses on Senate faculty of the General Campus and analyzes salary data as of July 1, 2013.

UCLA Campus Faculty Diversity Statistics (2004-2005 to 2014-2015)

UCLA Campus Faculty Diversity Statistics (2004-2005 to 2014-2015)

Prior to the BruinX Dashboards, information about the gender and racial/ethnic composition of regular-rank faculty was published in the UCLA Campus Faculty Diversity Monograph. Campus Mongraphs contain statistics about the current population of regular-rank faculty at the department level. Academic departments in all schools, except for the School of Medicine, are included in the Monograph.

UCLA School of Medicine Diversity Statistics (2009-2010 to 2015-2016)

The School of Medicine produces its own set of Diversity Statistics (independent from the Campus Monograph). PDF versions of the School of Medicine Diversity Statistics are available on the School of Medicine Diversity Affairs Office website.


UCLA Staff Diversity Office

On the UCLA Staff Diversity website, you will find more information about the University’s Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity programs, Diversity Education and Training, and procedures for staff employees seeking assistance with workplace concerns.


Academic Planning & Budget Office (APB)

The Academic Planning & Budget Office publishes official UCLA institutional data on students, including admissions, enrollments, degrees, and graduation rates. From the APB homepage, click on the Campus Statistics tab to link to data tables and charts.

Student Affairs Information & Research Office (SAIRO)

SAIRO is the research and assessment office within UCLA’s Student Affairs organization. In the Reports and Data section of the SAIRO website you will find a variety of analytical briefs, data tables, and other resources about the UCLA student population.