The Faculty Workforce Diversity (no DGSOM) Dashboard provides 9 years of data on the gender and racial/ethnic composition of UCLA faculty (Senate and non-Senate) in all Schools/Divisions except DGSOM. Users have the option to filter the data by Year, Academic Series, Ladder Rank Status, Tenure Status, Senate Status, Title, School/Division, and Department.  

Data Source: UCPath and the (former) UCLA Personnel Payroll System (PPS)

Data Definitions

General Campus. General Campus includes all Schools/Colleges except for the School of Medicine (SOM), which maintains a separate database from the General Campus. A School of Medicine Faculty FTE Dashboard is in production.

Full-time equivalent (FTE). A measure of work expended or courses taught. FTE is a budget term used to describe a unit equal to a full-time (100 percent) position for one year.

Race/Ethnicity. The following racial/ethnic categories are reported: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian/Asian-American, Black/African-American, Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic, Two or More Races, White, and Unknown. Individuals categorized as Asian/Asian-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Asian, Chinese/Chinese-American, Filipino/Pilipino, Japanese/Japanese-American, Korean/Korean-American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Pakistani/East Indian, Other Asian. Individuals categorized as Black/African-American self-identified into one of the following groups: Black/African-American (Not of Hispanic Origin), Black/African American. Individuals categorized as Latina(o)/Chicana(o)/Hispanic self-identified into one of the following groups: Hispanic, Latin American/Latino, Mexican/Mexican-American/Chicano, Other Spanish/Spanish-American. Individuals categorized as White self-identified as one of the following groups: European, Middle Eastern, North African, White (Not of Hispanic Origin), White.