Our Commitment to User Privacy

We take user privacy extremely seriously. We have prepared these simple and easy to understand FAQs so that you are informed of how the BruinXperience mobile app manages user privacy.


  • What personal information do you collect on app users?

We collect information you provide about yourself when you register in the BruinXperience app. We also collect your UCLA Student Logon (not password) so that we can track individual users’ survey responses over time. Your Logon information is securely stored with your survey responses in a database that is separate from your name and other identifying information.

  • Where will my personal data be stored?

All data will be stored in a secure location maintained and monitored by the UCLA Office of Information Technology. Personally identifying information are kept in a separate location from survey response data. Only the principal researchers who oversee the BruinXperience app will have access to the keyed table that links your personal information to responses.

  • Will you share my information with third parties?

We are in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act and do not share any of your information with third party users.

  • Why are you collecting this information?

We will use the information collected to understand student perceptions and experiences at UCLA in their own words and over time. From your responses we will look for emergent patterns and themes to inform our Office’s efforts as we work toward building equity for all at UCLA.

  • What information will you report?

Most of our reporting will be at the group level. Should we quote a portion of written text provided in the app, your privacy and anonymity are a priority, and should we quote a portion of written text you have provided through the app, we will, first, take all available measures to remove potentially identifying information.

  • How do I consent to your privacy policy?

By using this app, you consent to our privacy policy.

  • What if you change your privacy policy?

If we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes at this location, and we will note the date it was last modified.

This policy was last modified on: 2017.03.07.

  • How can I contact you for more information?

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please send them to this email:  WeListen@equity.ucla.edu