EDI Compass: Navigating the Bruin Experience

UCLA is the most applied-to university in the country, made up of over 47,000 current students, interns, and residents. Our campus community is home to students and staff from varied lived experiences and backgrounds. Of those thousands, more than 30% of undergraduates are the first in their family to attend college. Within the entering transfer cohort, 43% are first generation college students. In 2021, 25% of graduate students who matriculated at UCLA came from underrepresented groups in California and the United States. Currently, more than 150 professors (and counting) proudly identify as former first-generation college students.

This Toolkit aims to help UCLA students who may have had less exposure to and preparation for life on campus and beyond. Students who are first generation, low-income, historically underrepresented, transfers, formerly-incarcerated, foster youth, or those with dependents have unique experiences coming into a 4-year institution. The resources in this Toolkit streamline the dozens of centers, initiatives, and opportunities available to ease the transition to life at UCLA.

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infographic of increase in 2021 applicants to ucla: 28% freshman; 48% African American; 34% Pacific Islander; 33% Chicano/Latino; 16% American Indian; 28% First-gen; and 10% Transfers

On-Campus Centers and Services

Undergraduate Students: Life @ UCLA

Undergraduate Students: Life Beyond UCLA

Graduate Students: Life @ UCLA

Graduate Students: Life Beyond UCLA