EDI Priorities & Milestones


PRIORITY: Strengthen Civil Rights Protections

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With hate crimes and civil rights violations increasing in our world, nation and community, EDI is focused on strengthening protections for civil rights at UCLA. We are enhancing our existing efforts to promote compliance with federal and state law and applicable UC policy concerning protections under Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and equal employment opportunity and affirmative action obligations. In 2020, EDI unified existing civil rights investigatory units – the Discrimination Prevention Office (DPO), the Staff, Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Office (SD&C), and the Title IX Office (T9) – under the new Civil Rights Office (CRO), which serves all of UCLA, including the UCLA

Health System and is led by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Civil Rights, Chandra Bhatnagar. CRO ensures that UCLA remains in compliance with the applicable federal and state laws and University of California policies. We are working, with UCLA partners, to implement recommendations of the Moreno Report Implementation Committee. Vice Chancellor Spain Bradley serves on the University of California Office of the President’s Anti-Discrimination Policy Working Group that is examining the University of California’s non-discrimination policies. EDI, in partnership with Student Affairs and the LGBTQ Campus Resource Center, is helping to lead the implementation of the UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy. Vice Chancellor Spain Bradley and Former Academic Senate Chair Shane White charged the creation of the Academic Senate and Administration Joint Task Force on Investigatory and Judiciary Processes, who’s work will help promote non-discrimination and collegial conduct at UCLA. Finally, we are developing a new educational certificate program to complement existing mandatory EDI trainings.


PRIORITY: Advance Diversity and Inclusion

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UCLA is a vibrant and globally diverse community, with people from around the nation and the world who identify in ways that are intersectional, complex and beautiful. To support such diversity, EDI works with other UCLA offices to advance diversity in our student population, faculty hiring and overall community. Herein, inclusion – the value of having your identity understood, respected and valued – is key. This year, EDI has introduced new ways to share our diversity and build deeper inclusion: our EDI Voices initiative, featuring the stories of UCLA community members; EDI Events to transform the principles of EDI into action; and EDI Toolkits that enrich and inform the campus on EDI topics and issues. We will be developing a central network for EDI leaders to stay connected throughout UCLA. The EDI Office is also proud to partner with the Academic Personnel Office’s Faculty Development Office on a UCOP grant addressing faculty climate, and support Advancing Faculty Diversity efforts with ECV/P Carter and Deans.


PRIORITY: Support Addressing Community Concerns

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Our third key priority this year is to deepen support for communities that have been victims of racism, members of our community with disabilities, our LGBTQIA+ Bruins and members of UCLA staff and to work with these groups to identify opportunities for meaningful support. To realize this priority and uplift community voices, EDI works with our affiliated partners: the University Committee on Disability – which analyzes and identifies issues, proposes solutions and makes recommendations on matters of particular concern to persons with disabilities; the LGBTQ Affairs Committee – which works to create and maintain a more inclusive and accepting campus environment for individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community; Faculty Equity Advisors – who lead on EDI matters in their respective academic units; and the EDI Student Advisory Board – who serve as liaisons, problem solvers and advocates on behalf of UCLA students.


PRIORITY: Provide Data-Informed Accountability

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EDI supports data and reporting for the UCLA community and beyond. Our online data dashboards provide user-friendly visualizations of longitudinal trends in the demographic diversity of UCLA students, staff, and faculty. Dashboards are important tools for assessing where we have been, where we are now, and where we aspire to be with respect to demographic diversity. Formal reporting primarily takes the shape of Staff and Academic Affirmative Action Plans, and EDI’s annual Public Accountability Report. EDI will continue to develop and distribute the EDI Scorecard as a measure of accountability in which units are evaluated against benchmarks and standards across a number of areas. EDI will also continue to provide campus leaders with focused data insights via executive-level reports that will aid in policy-related decision-making. Our new upcoming Infographics Education Campaign will help to make campus EDI data more accessible to wider audiences.

PRIORITY: Enhance Communication

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EDI continues to update our website to make it more user-friendly and accessible. By harnessing the power and reach of social media, we look forward to sharing the important work happening on campus, and to lift up the voices of members from across our community. Vice Chancellor Spain Bradley will continue to issue quarterly VC-EDI Updates to the UCLA community as a part of our enhanced communication efforts.


Key Accomplishments for AY 2020-2021

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EDI Data Hub provides data on diversity trends for students, staff and faculty.

➡ Provides EVC/P with annual EDI scorecards by Academic unit.

Bruin Engagement

➡ 5 EDI Signature Topics events providing EDI thought leadership for a national and global audience and meeting the need for the UCLA community to learn, engage and participate in thoughtful discussion surrounding EDI issues.

EDI x Athletics Event.

UCLA Thurgood Marshall Lecture.

EDI@UCLA mapping key EDI initiatives throughout UCLA.

EDI Network – developing connections and strategy across UCLA’s EDI efforts.

➡ EDI is developing a Data Hub website for secure, permission-based interface of sensitive information.

EDI Equity Advisor Program enhanced the EDI mission by developing programmatic initiatives to improve the climate within their schools/divisions. Equity advisors also participated in over 100 faculty searches, tracking and providing search committees with best practices to mitigate bias.

EDI Student Advisory Board members served as liaisons, advisors and problem solvers to the Vice Chancellor and the EDI office as a whole, and each member has a proven track record of caring deeply about equity and working to change the communities and institutions around them for the better.

Civil Rights Protections

➡ Harmonized civil rights protections under the EDI Civil Rights Office (CRO), which includes the Discrimination Prevention Office, the Staff Diversity & Compliance Office and the Title IX Office.

➡ Created a user-friendly Report an Incident webpage.

➡ Conducted intake on all reported incidents and investigated and issued reports pursuant to procedure.

➡ Strengthened civil rights protections by conducting thorough, mindful, and evaluative assessments of all complaints received.

➡ Formed an active Non-Discrimination Incident Response Team, in partnership with UCLA Health and co-lead by our CRO DPO and SD&C teams.

➡ DPO investigators became certified investigators with AWI and attended NELI disability training (ADA & CA/FMLA).

➡ SD&C provided monthly Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment training sessions (12 provided in the AY).

➡ Title IX provided training for new and incoming undergraduate and graduate students.

Communications and Outreach

➡ VC-EDI Bruin Post Statements:

➡ 8 EDI Voices issues featuring Bruins who advance the EDI mission.

➡ The EDI website received approximately 260,000 total page views, averaging 800+ daily views – the platform has grown from technological and content perspectives.

➡ EDI worked with more than 30 campus partners.

➡ VC-EDI Quarterly Updates to the UCLA Community:

Education and Training

➡ EDI’s Education and Training Hub launched on the EDI website.

➡ EDI-DPO conducted 18 presentations at New Student Orientations, informing first year and transfer students with information about EDI and the Civil Rights Office.

➡ EDI provided Five 1:1 trainings to faculty and other academic personnel who violated the University non-discrimination policy, including 2 department chairs.

➡ EDI provided 10 mandatory training for all faculty members of search committees consistent with the UCLA EDI Faculty Search Process.

➡ EDI-CRO-Title IX provided mandatory training for 10,000+ undergraduates and 6000+ graduate students.

➡ EDI-CRO-Title IX provided education and training tools for UCLA employees.

➡ Launched 7 EDI Toolkits providing research-driven resources, educational tools, and best practices to advance our EDI mission.

Funding Support

➡ Oversees the UC Presidential Post-Doc Fellow Program.

➡ Oversees the Chancellors Post-Doc Fellow Program.

➡ Oversees the Faculty Career Development Award.

➡ Provides financial support for DACA.

➡ Provides financial support for the University Committee on Disability.

➡ Provides financial support for Lavender Graduation.

➡ Provides funding for Human Resources to advertise jobs.

Organizational Health

➡ Hired and onboarded 9 staff members.

➡ Monthly all-team meetings.

➡ 2nd Annual Retreat.

➡ EDI Staff Brown-Bag Series for professional development and team-building.

➡ Professional Development Fund to support staff.

Vice Chancellor Engagement

➡ UCLA representative to the UCOP Non-discrimination policy working group.

➡ Initiated Senate-Administration Joint Task Force on Judiciary and Investigative Processes.

➡ Oversees Moreno Report Implementation.

➡ Oversees University Committee on Disability.

➡ Oversees UCLA LGBTQ Affairs Committee.

➡ Dotted-line supervision over DGSOM Vice Dean for JEDI.

➡ Dotted-line supervision over UCLA Health Chief Diversity Officer.

➡ Co-Chair UCLA Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy Implementation Efforts.

➡ Developed the American Indian and Pacific Islander x EDI Action Group.

➡ Provides VC-EDI approval for all ladder-ranked faculty hiring.

➡ The Vice Chancellor represented EDI with 33 presentations, speeches, panels, podcasts, town halls and webinars, extending the goal of advancing the mission of EDI and engaging meaningfully with campus partners and the greater community:

  • 11 formal speeches/remarks.
  • 10 presentations.
  • 8 panels/symposiums/workshops.
  • 2 webinars.
  • 1 town hall.
  • 2 podcasts.