To: Deans, Department Chairs and Faculty

Dear Colleagues:

This is an annual reminder of obligations and responsibilities regarding search and hiring processes for ladder-rank faculty at UCLA. Since February 2016, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, Regents Policy 4400, APM 210 1.D. (PDF) and Appendix 41, the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has developed the Faculty Search Process Policy Memorandum (PDF) to serve as a blueprint for advancing UCLA’s commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the faculty recruitment process. Our diverse and talented faculty are central to UCLA’s success and global recognition. Faculty recruitment is at the forefront of the university’s ability to actualize our mission to strive for excellence and diversity. Our hiring practices help us successfully recruit talented faculty who help transform UCLA’s present and future. Diversifying our faculty advances inclusion and excellence, and can lead to further diversity gains.

The Faculty Search Process aims to promote equity and excellence in faculty hiring practices – consistent with the University’s values and the law. The EDI Office participates in the ladder rank faculty search process in three distinct ways, by: (1) conducting mandatory faculty search briefings for members of faculty search committees; (2) approving key steps in the standard search process; and (3) granting waivers as appropriate — waivers from the EDI Office are the only exceptions to the standard search process. This process ensures that UCLA is engaging in fair, equitable and inclusive faculty hiring practices.

Every member of the faculty plays a vital role in the recruitment process, whether you serve on a search committee, attend job talks, or are a voting member of a department. As faculty, your daily work and interactions can help us achieve a diverse and inclusive UCLA. This academic year, you can do your part to advance these goals in three specific ways: (1) advertise open positions to groups that are underrepresented in your current faculty composition ; (2) form meaningfully diverse search committees; and (3) take a second look at applicants to ensure that talent is not inadvertently overlooked. I also encourage you to review the Searching for Excellence Hiring Guide (PDF) which employs evidence-based strategies for equitable and inclusive faculty hiring and the Faculty Search Process Resource webpage contains information and tools to help you navigate the faculty search process.

Please contact Brandie Kirkpatrick, EDI’s Director of the Faculty Search Process and Diversity Programs, if you have questions regarding the faculty search process for ladder rank faculty positions.


Anna Spain Bradley
Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion