Dear Bruin Community:

The killing of Daunte Wright this week has left many of us in our nation and our community heartbroken and upset. This is only compounded by the fact that a few miles away in Minneapolis, we are hearing chilling testimony in the trial of the officer charged with killing George Floyd. Yet again we are confronted with the realities of the vulnerabilities faced by Black Americans in a country where our work on making sure that Black lives matter to all is even more critical.

In a message last night, UC President Michael Drake called for the critical work necessary to re-examine systems of policing to ensure safety and fair treatment for all. Change is long overdue and, if we are to achieve that change, we’ll need to engage as a community.

These are also critical moments where coming together can provide comfort and an important reminder that we are part of a community. As members of that Bruin community, we are committed to justice, dignity, being the best allies that we can be and helping ensure that Black lives matter to all. Resources for coping with racial trauma are available online.

Many difficult and painful days still lie ahead. The road will be long. But we will continue to support one another, develop solutions and always strive for the world we are committed to creating.


Gene D. Block

Anna Spain Bradley
Vice Chancellor, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion