Folks who visit our site are often interested in learning — from the latest resources to relevant policies to cutting-edge research. With that in mind, we created EDI Toolkits — our collection of valuable resources, guidance, and information for the campus community.

We will be regularly updating both this landing page and the individual featured Toolkits as new information becomes available. If you know of a helpful resource that we have overlooked, please let us know at

last updated 2021 06 18


A clearinghouse for helpful facts and resources on various pressing subjects.

Faculty Search Process

All information related to the faculty search process, including  search briefings and associated materials.

Leadership Briefing by DPO

Information on the Leadership Briefing provided by UCLA’s Discrimination Prevention Office.

Funding Opportunities

Information regarding various funding opportunities.

Principles Against Intolerance

An inventory of EDI’s efforts to promote the Principles Against Intolerance and the institutional values they express.


Campus Resources

Links to additional campus resources.


Find information on selected policies related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.