UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (April 9, 2024)

UCOD Meeting Notes (April 9, 2024)

UCOD Meeting
April 9, 2024 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Emily Frake, Michael Garafola, Adam Kipust, Travis Lee, Carolanne Link, Sanaz Nabati, Quinn O’Connor, Sylvia Page, Harold Pimental, Sal Santa Ana, Nicholas Shinghal, Caitlin Solone, Brooke Wilkinson

Katie Bogue, Camila Krause, Kyle Udelson

Omar Newland, Fang-I Chu, Ariella Morrison, Bill Propst, Ana Majer, Brandie Kirkpatrick, Jane Borochoff, Rob Diaz, Sherrika Carter, Yonit Kovnator, Brian Latham, Linda Demer, Elena Rodriguez, Mike Galvan, Spencer Scruggs, Omar Taleb, Akhila Vimal


1. Intros (10 mins)

2. Confirmation vote (20 mins)

a. Committee votes to confirm Christine Kling for 1 year graduate student position.

b. Committee votes to confirm Yasamin Bolourian for 1 year floater/general representative position.

c. Committee votes to confirm Adam Kipust for 1 year floater/general representative position.

d. Committee votes to confirm Emilia Podesta for a 2 year undergraduate position.

e. Committee votes to confirm Alexa Vaughn for a 2 year graduate position.

f. Committee votes to confirm Harold Pimental for a 2 year faculty position.

g. Committee votes to confirm Fang-I Chu for a 2 year staff position.

h. Committee votes to confirm Travis Lee for a 2 year staff position.

i. Committee votes to confirm Quinn O’Connor for a 2 year alumni position.

j. Committee votes to confirm Sylvia Page for a 2 year floater/general representative position.

k. Committee votes to confirm Kayla Kirsten Regalado for a 2 year floater/general representative position.

l. 1 floater/general representative position still vacant.

3. Instagram conversation (10 mins)

a. The purpose of the UCOD Instagram account is to consolidate/aggregate news and resources for UCLA disability-related official campus departments and services for informational purposes

b. This Instagram account would not create new content, but could be tagged as a collaborator by other disability related accounts.

c. Messages won’t be monitored. Suggestion to add direct contact information or a Google form to a separate communications account.

d. Overview of Instagram procedures to make posts accessible and add the UCOD account as a collaborator.

4. Takkyu Volleyball (10 mins)

a. Disability Studies Major Sports Inclusion Lab working with Adaptive Rec to sponsor the US Premier of Takkyu Volley: Takkyu Volley Information and Registration.

5. Global Accessibility Awareness Day- GAAD (5 mins)

a. May 16, 2024. UC system is hosting a webinar. Travis will be speaking

6. Justice Department Update

a. Justice Department final rule to strengthen web and mobile app access for people with disabilities.

7. Optional closed door discussion for voting members (15 mins)

a. Discussion about Instagram procedures and capacity.

b. Discussion about rules for public comment. Voting members will continue to review and comment on the draft.

Action Items

  1. Brooke will share the flier for Takkyu Volley with UCOD listserv.
  2. Carolanne will share a Google sheet to collect departmental social media contacts.

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

  1. Travis will provide an update on how the Justice Department ruling will impact the UC system.
  2. Committee will finalize Instagram procedures.