Welcome to UCLA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Education Series, which provides all employees with a common foundation for how to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion throughout UCLA.

These new educational resources provide a foundation through which we support one another and build community at UCLA. They respond to important recommendations made by UCLA’s Moreno Committee and the Moreno Recommendations Implementation Committee and promote compliance with legal requirements and the requirements of the UC Non-Discrimination Policy, UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy, and UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy.

The UCLA EDI Education Series was created with student, staff and faculty input and with support from UCLA Campus Assault Resources & Education, UCLA Office of the Campus Counsel, UCLA Committee on LGBTQ Affairs, UCLA Extension, UCLA Gender Recognition Implementation Committee, UC Legal – Office of General Counsel, UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center and UCLA Strategic Communications.

The UCLA EDI Education Series consists of two self-guided sessions which are available to all UCLA employees via the UC Learning Center. Each session is approximately one hour long, with additional content available to broaden learning.