Faculty Search Process

Welcome to the Faculty Search Process at UCLA!

The UCLA Faculty Search Process plays a critical role in our ability to successfully recruit the best talent and to realize our collective commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. To ensure that Search Committee members are adequately prepared for this important work, this webpage features links to various policies, regulations and research-based best practices to help you navigate the process.

As a starting point, we encourage you to review the most current Faculty Search Process Policy Memorandum, which provides details regarding each step in the UCLA Faculty Search Process (i.e., Search Committee Composition; Search Plan; Applicant Pool Report; Shortlist; Search Report).

You can also access the Faculty Search Briefing Certification List to confirm whether or not you are due to complete required training as a member of a faculty search committee.  If you are not currently certified, you can directly access the updated Faculty Search Briefing to complete the requirement via a 30-minute online training video.

For any questions regarding the Faculty Search Briefings and related resources, please contact us at facultysearch@equity.ucla.edu.

Faculty Search Process Resources