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Equal Learning Environment June 9, 2016

Trans Photo

Jerry Kang
Jerry Kang

You may have already seen it: a photo of smiling college students holding up posters saying, “Get your agenda out of my bathroom!” “There are only two genders!” “Transgenderism is a mental disorder!” I’m hoping that like me, the students in the photograph remain open to change. Perhaps decades later, when this photo resurfaces on some Internet search, they will recall this moment with regret, for having been needlessly cruel.

Equal Learning Environment April 19, 2016

Dialogue Over Demagoguery

Jerry Kang
Jerry Kang

Back in November 2015, someone put up hostile posters that targeted two student organizations — the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine. Although posted anonymously, an outside provocateur named David Horowitz eventually took credit.

Equal Learning Environment March 21, 2016

Principles Against Intolerance

Jerry Kang
Jerry Kang

The Regents Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance recently released its Final Report. Responses are coming in fast and furious, across multiple media. It’s a good time for another CrossCheck. Most important, here’s the actual Report.

Equal Learning Environment March 16, 2016

Piterberg Matter

Jerry Kang
Jerry Kang

Higher education is confronting the serious problem of sexual harassment. The issue constantly hits the headlines, and the University of California is not immune. Even on our own campus, a lawsuit filed against Prof. Gabriel Piterberg has shined a harsh light.

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News September 1, 2016

VC Kang Announces New EDI Student Advisory Board

Read Vice Chancellor Kang's Announcement regarding the inaugural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board.

Events October 25, 2016

Faculty Search Committee Briefing

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh has announced that all members of a search committee must receive a Faculty Search Committee Briefing. To RSVP for a faculty search briefing, email Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at FacDiversity@conet.ucla.edu.

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