EDI Staff Corner

UCLA is home to more than 31,000 staff members across 174 buildings, all of whom play an integral role in creating a vibrant Bruin community. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’s “Staff Corner” is a curated, one-stop shop for staff members, providing equitable access to a wealth of social and professional campus services and resources.

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UCLA Health + Wellness + Support Services


This section explores well-being, including employee health and wellness. According to the CDC  Workplace Health Resource Center, “well-being” is the ability of staff to address normal stresses, work productively, and realize their highest potential in the workplace. Research shows that employees in good health are more likely to deliver optimal performance in the workplace. Healthy employees not only have better quality of life, they also benefit from having a lower risk of disease, illness, and injury, as well as from increased work productivity and a greater likelihood of contributing to their communities.

Professional Development


This section explores professional development resources available to UCLA Staff. Within the UC system, professional development is defined as the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to your profession, job responsibilities or work environment. This professional development section also includes career development opportunities and employee benefit resources. Additionally, since continued educational programs and resources are integral to professional development efforts, please explore specific EDI-related educational resources in the section immediately following this one.

EDI Educational Resources


This section constitutes a collection of resources that advance inclusion for all, prevent discrimination, and promote UCLA’s values, with the aim of providing an educational foundation upon which members of the UCLA community can further promote our values. The offerings below include the new UCLA EDI Education Series, mandatory trainings for UCLA compliance, and opportunities for further self-study and enrichment. The EDI Office is eager to continue its work exploring, collecting, and presenting all members of UCLA Staff with equitable access to these important resources, including Resources Related to Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Complaints (below).

EDI Data + Initiatives + Accountability Resources


This section explores EDI’s Data Hub and various accountability initiatives and measures designed to uphold accountability through transparency. Programs and initiatives designed to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion at UCLA have the greatest potential for change when they are data-informed and people-produced. While the existence of data alone does not automatically transform a community or effect real change, community members can use these data to inform key units and decision-makers about areas of success and areas of challenge that help drive actions and, ultimately, the realization of an equitable environment for all.

Resources Related to Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Complaints (Ombuds, Title IX, Civil Rights Office, EDI)


This section explores the various resources available to Staff (and every member of the UCLA community) related to our shared commitment to ensuring all members of the university community enjoy protection of civil rights. The UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’s Civil Rights Office (EDI-CRO) works to uphold civil rights protections for UCLA Staff and all Bruins. EDI encourages Staff to familiarize themselves with the protections available to them.

Community + Networking + Events


This section explores Staff Resources relating to staff networking, events, and community! The information in this section focuses on the development and maintenance of intra-staff professional and personal relationships and networks. This section promotes the tangible benefits that can result from development of professional networks of contacts, including promotion and prioritization of whole-self care, and the realization of professional goals. This section aims to connect UCLA staff to university and community resources that support personal and professional development as well as promote understanding and belonging across professional and personal identities, ultimately fostering staff fulfillment and growth through an EDI lens.