UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (December 12, 2023)

UCOD Meeting Notes (December 12, 2023)

UCOD Meeting
December 12, 2023 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Emily Frake, Adam Kipust, Travis Lee, Sanaz Nabati, Sylvia Page, Christine Kling, (proxy for Harold Pimental), Sal Santa Ana, Caitlin Solone

Katie Bogue, Michael Garafola, Camila Krause, Carolanne Link, Quinn O’Connor, Nicholas Shinghal, Kyle Udelson, Brooke Wilkinson

Ariella Morrison, Fang-I Chu, Natalie Landau Gibson, Mauricio Baker Mason, Rob Diaz, Spencer Scruggs, Sherrika Carter, Linda Demer


1. Intros

2. Newsletter update 

a. Poll of how many opened newsletter.

b. General feedback

Suggestion to move the spotlight 

Suggestion to promote this newsletter in the staff newsletter

Where the newsletter will be archived is tbd.  Current plan is to add to DCP website.

c. Travis will gather the stats on engagement.  

d. Went out to current students, staff, and faculty.  Some on the research side of campus did not receive.  Travis will bring this up with Strat Comm, as well as adding Extension to recipients list.  

e. Upcoming events to add to January newsletter

Lily Shaw Disability Cultural Center

Send items to Travis: events in the second half of January/first half of February, disability related days/months.  

Send staff news/items.  Suggestion: IRM website

Accessibility tip: “Don’t be afraid to use the word disabled.”

1. Discussion of the nuances involved in language and the importance of honoring how people self-identify.  

2. Other ideas: don’t congregate in the curb cut outs, education around service dogs, how to format Power Points and slide decks, and using headers on documents, “crip time”

f. Blog entry for anyone with a passion project

g. Disability related milestones in the January issue

h. Let Travis know if you’re interested in joining newsletter subcommittee.  Meets once a week for an hour.  

3. Disability Studies Scholarship winners

a. Arezo Ahmadi

b. Rachel Rothschild

c. Adam Kipust

4. Student Presentation to Regents

a. Move to next agenda

5. New Subcommittees on training and newsletter

a. Newsletter: Travis, Carolanne, Quinn, Caitlin.  

b. Training: Travis, Sylvia, Emily, Caitlin, Spencer, Adam.  Training team will work on the Bruin Learn modules for incoming new faculty on the accommodations process.  Goal to complete in the first half of next year.  

6. Process for ongoing funding for UCOD projects

a. How to obtain and sustain stable funding for UCOD.

b. New position: Treasurer

c. Let Travis know if you’re interested in this position.

7. Election cycle coming up

a. Let Travis know if you’re interested in joining leadership.

b. Election coming up in April/May.

8. General department updates 

a. Career 

Thursday, February 8th.  “Making Informed Disclosures to Employers and Professional Schools.”  

February 5th, 4pm-5:30pm.  “Asking for LORs.”  Let Sanaz know if you’re interested in participating in the panel.

Iris photobooth machine is available to use in Strathmore.  UCLA affiliates can use it to take professional photographs.

b. DCP

Request for Chat GPT 4 purchase order.  Broader discussion about AI and disabilities.  

Suggestion to connect with Dr. Safiya Noble

c. CAE

Two new specialists starting this month, one more specialist joining in January.  Will be fully staffed in January on the specialist side, Assistant Director position in recruitment.   

Sweet Wrap on the Corner: CAE chocolate bars and swag will be available on December 13th, 10am-3pm.  

d. Disability Studies reading group:

Led by Dr. Juliann Anesi.  Book is Masters of Health: Racial Science and Slavery in U.S. Medical Schools.  January 31st.  

UCLA will host a node for Society of Disability Studies conference

9. January meeting moved to January 16th

Action Items

  1. Travis will ask Strat Comm about adding more departments to newsletter distribution.

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

  1. Newsletter items for February