UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (February 14, 2023)

UCOD Meeting Notes (February 14, 2023)

UCOD Meeting
February 14, 2023 / 2PM / Zoom


Travis Lee, Laura Sencion-Mendoza, Michael Garafola, Carolanne Link, Daniela Cortez Bravo, Katie Healey, Sal Santa Ana, Monique LaPalm, Yonit Kovnator, Adam Kipust, Emily Frake, Spencer Scruggs, Sylvia Page, Rob Diaz, Caitlin Solone, Omar Newland, Sharon Teruya, Anya Desai, Brooke Wilkinson, Mike Cohn, Harold Pimentel, Linda Demer, Sanaz Nabati, Ana Majer


1. Intros

2. CAE Announcements:

a. Associate Director position has been filled: Patty Alaniz Roux from USC starts March 13th. Used USAC proposal to inform the search process, including asking for student references. Getting sufficient student feedback was a challenge. CAE thanks everyone involved with process.

b. Assistive Tech position interviews are in progress.

c. Two major CAE projects on assistive tech:

i. Looking to expand Kurzweil 3000 license to a campus-wide license.
ii. Looking to expand note taking tools

d. Neurodiversity Celebration Week is March 13-19 2023. CAE to have programming in April. Reach out to Spencer if interested in partnering.

e. CAE to evaluate summer transition support and programming for incoming students and their families.

3. Discuss “Duty to Accommodate” Email Reminder-Insight from Yonit

a. Email went out to all staff and faculty on February 6th, went out last year as well.

b. If you have any feedback, let Yonit know. It will circulate around the same time next year.

4. Katie- Action Committee Update

a. Action Committee met to identify next steps.

b. Taking a look at other institutions’ training. Different training options: What is ableism, What CAE does, Digital Accessibility, UDL.

i. CSU Dominguez Hills has “Ability Ally” training.
ii. UCSF Training and Rutgers Training
iii. CSUN looking at creating training using SIMPACT: CSUN Training
iv. Academic Affairs Commission provided training in collaboration with the General Representative 3 Office.

c. Opportunities for UC-wide collaboration? Students with Disabilities Working Group is UC-wide-Jasmine Rush and Brooke Wilkinson are in this group.

d. Two deliverables of Action Committee: something embedded in the LMS, and document for students on what to do when accommodations are not granted.

5. Yonit, Spencer, Travis- Possible “Recognizing the 50 Year Anniversary of 504/508” – Caitlin to provide insight

a. Suggestion that the Chancellor makes a statement

b. Discussion of what it means to hold an event considering the complicated history of this legislation

c. Suggestion to focus on Neurodiversity Celebration Week in the spring quarter.

6. Michael- LATC Elevator -Share email from Michael Meister, UCLA Elevator Shop Supervisor, Maintenance & Alterations

a. Offered to add signage to elevator by the hill providing a number to call. However it is unclear how this would work. Issues with the LATC elevator and issues with scheduling of Bruin Access Van, which is now under Transportation instead of CAE.
b. CAE will be meeting with USAC to discuss Bruin Access.

7. Caitlin- Disability Studies Inclusion Labs (2)

a. The Disabled Child: Memoirs of a Normal Future
b. Feeling Through Studio & The Power of Media to Change Perceptions on Disability

8. By-law changes will be sent to committee roster via Qualtrics. February is start of election cycle. There will be ten positions available.

9. MetaMap working on new project mapping accessible restrooms. USAC has committed three students, DCP has committed one, and Geography has committed staff support. Looking for money for stipends and gift card giveaways–EDI and Campus Life have provided funds in the past. If you have funding ideas, contact Carolanne.

10. Department updates

a. Career Services: Alumni with Disabilities Group partnership. Planning an April 12th panel representing undergrad, grad, faculty members who have advocated for themselves for accommodations in the workplace. Audience for panel is current students and alumni. If you want to be a panelist or know someone interested, contact Sanaz.

11. Adjourn

Action Items

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

1. Travis- Digital Accessibility – “UC Berkeley Consent Decree” / UCLA