UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (July 11, 2023)

UCOD Meeting Notes (July 11, 2023)

UCOD Meeting
July 11, 2023 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Emily Frake, Michael Garafola, Katie Healey, Adam Kipust, Travis Lee, Carolanne Link, Sanaz Nabati, Sylvia Page, Harold Pimental, Sal Santa Ana, Nicholas Shinghal, Caitin Solone, Brooke Wilkinson

Katie Bogue, Camila Krause, Quinn O’Connor, Laura Sencion-Mendoza, Kyle Udelson

James Ward, Fang-I Chu, Avril Frasché, Spencer Scruggs, Nate from UCLA Bike Shop, Yonit Kovnator, Benjamin Collier, Omar Newland, Evan Curran, Brandie Kirkpatrick


1. Intros

2. Bike Shop Support for Wheelchair Users

a. Carolanne started partnership with Bike Shop

b. What can the bike shop stock to help support wheelchair users?

Able to offer repairs, rebuild wheels

Marketing will be forthcoming about the bike shop.  If you have ideas about marketing, reach out to Nate.

Bike shop is generally open 11am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

3. Support Group

a. Fang-I is starting a support group for a cohort with physical limitations for communication, resources, consultation, and connecting/networking.

b. Goal 1.  Build an online platform

Online platform will involve enrollment, forum, resources, and email contact

c. Goal 2:  Design an administrative structure

d. Goal 3: Extend on other aspects (virtual activities, in-person hangouts, support buddies).

Buddy system highlighted as important and achievable.

e. Which digital platform could support these goals?

Something similar to the Disability Awareness Week app?

BruinLearn has a forum option.

4. Travis and Katie- Summary of new faculty training presentation to faculty committee (CTIG)

a. Feedback from faculty included questions about the accommodations process, surprise that accommodations must be honored, and a need to clarify “fundamental alteration.”

b. Editing Workgroup: Caitlin, Adam, Travis, Katie, Yonit, and Carolanne

This group will edit for tone and Yonit will fact-check.

5. Disability Awareness Week Planning

a. Disability Awareness Week is scheduled for the week of October 9th.  We will have our regularly scheduled UCOD meeting on October 10th.  Programming should be hybrid if possible.

b. Funding is TBD.

c. Programming ideas:

DCP will run Disability Etiquette Training

Wheelchair Basketball at the regular time (Tuesdays at 4pm)

Michael can reach out about an LA28 Table.

Accessible social media training- Caitlin and students

Disability Studies info session

Tabling Event at Bruin Plaza for Opening Ceremony on October 9th or 10th.  The 9th is preferable.  10am-2pm.

Movie screening

1. Two screenings: one with captions, one with audio description

2. Possible titles: Rising Phoenix, Crip Camp

6. Michael– UCLA Adaptive Programs

a. Swim/Bike/Run or Roll Clinics, Saturday July 29th & Sunday July 30th (Participant ages 8-18).  Everyone is welcome to come and check it out.

b. Volunteers needed! Volunteer Registration – UCLA Adaptive Swim/Bike/Run & Roll Clinic.

c. Michael is working with Admissions on recruiting and admitting adaptive athletes.

d. Part of a bigger conversation about increasing respect, funding, and access to facilities for adaptive athletes.

UCOD could write a letter of support.

7. Department Updates

a. Emily is working on a blog series on Disability Pride Month for the Department of Ed.  Please contribute or pass along: Disability Pride Month blog survey

b. UCLA Disability Alumni Network is hosting a networking event on Thursday, July 10th from 6:30-7:30pm at Meet Fresh: Alumni Event: Boba & Friends 

8. Adjourn

Action Items

  1. Travis will reach out to Fang-I about tech options for the platform.
  2. Travis will schedule a meeting with Darnell about the training and will share the training with the rest of UCOD prior to that training.
  3. Evan will work on booking Bruin Plaza for Disability Awareness Week.

Items for Next Meeting Agenda