UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (June 11, 2024)

UCOD Meeting Notes (June 11, 2024)

UCOD Meeting
June 11, 2024 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Fang-I Chu, Emily Frake (proxy for Caitlin Solone), Michael Garafola, Brandon Ito (proxy for Yasamin Boulourian), Christine Kling, Travis Lee, Carolanne Link, Sanaz Nabati, Quinn O’Connor, Sylvia Page, Harold Pimental, Emilia Podesta, Sal Santa Ana, Nicholas Shinghal, Alexa Vaughn

Adam Kipust, Kayla Kirsten Regalado

Sherrika Carter, Linda Demer, Rob Diaz, Brandie Kirkpatrick, Yonit Kovnator, Leroy Moore, Ariella Morrison, Aryan Pandey, Spencer Scruggs, Jacob Wasserman, Connor Webb, Brooke Wilkinson


1. Intros (Michael, 10 mins)

2. Leadership video previews and Q&A (Carolanne, 30 mins)

a. Leadership positions will be held from July 2024-June 2025

b. Fang-I Chu speech for Co-Lead of Newsletter Subcommittee

c. Fang-I Chu speech for Lead for Technology/Website Subcommittee

d. Sylvia Page speech for Secretary

e. Carolanne Link speech for Physical Spaces Subcommittee Head

f. Speeches for Chair and Vice-Chairs. Will be determined through ranked choice voting.

i. Christine Kling speech for Chair

ii. Travis Lee speech for Chair

iii. Michael Garafola speech for Chair

g. Several positions had no candidates: Treasurer, Voting Facilitator, Events and Disability Pride Week Subcommittee Head.

3. Jacob Wasserman from North Westwood Neighborhood Council (10 mins)

a. Anyone can be a stakeholder for North Westwood Neighborhood Council, not just residents. Meetings occur on the first Wednesday of the month at Weyburn Terrace.

b. The Transportation and Safety Committee has been collecting locations within boundaries with access issues and submitting requests to fix and send recommendations to City Council as part of Safe Sidewalks LA. The form asks if the request is being made by or on behalf of a person with a disability for funding reasons.

c. Send Jacob locations where improvements are needed, both on campus and off campus: jacobnwwnc@gmail.com.

4. Aryan Pandey: Student perspective on Disability Awareness and Inclusion Module (10 mins)

a. Modules include: Pre-assessment, introductions and misconceptions, person-first language, current legislation and accommodations, invisible disabilities, biopscychosocial lens to perspectives, inclusivity, conclusion and assessment.

b. Faculty were surveyed to provide feedback on the proposed module.

5. Update on Digital Accessibility in Instruction Working Group (Travis, 5 mins)

a. Move item to next meeting

6. Voting members vote on speaking rules

a. Move item to next meeting

Action Items

  1. All leadership candidates should send a link to their videos to Carolanne so they can be included in the voting form.
  2. Carolanne will send the voting form out to voting members.

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

  1. Digital Accessibility in Instruction Working Group update
  2. Voting members vote on speaking rules
  3. Proposal for new subcommittee on research and graduate students
  4. Preliminary Disability Pride Week conversation