UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (March 3, 2023)

UCOD Meeting Notes (March 3, 2023)

UCOD Meeting
March 3, 2023 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Travis Lee, Laura Sencion-Mendoza, Carolanne Link (+Proxy for Sal Santa Ana), Sylvia Page, Brooke Wilkinson, Sanaz Nabati, Caitlin Solone, Michael Garafola, Harold Pimental, Adam Kipust, Sharon Teruya, Quinn O’Connor (last half hour). Absent: Samantha Bodger, Kyle Udelson, Katie Bogue, Kat Kath, Camila Krause

Katie Healey, Daniela Cortez Bravo, Laura Sencion-Mendoza, Emily Frake, Omar Newland, Rob Diaz, Patti Alaniz Roux, Anya Desai, Spencer Scruggs, Natalie Landau Gibson, Brandie Kirkpatrick, Yonit Kovnator, Ana Majer


1. Chat intros to save time (5 mins)

2. Summarizing changes to the by-laws- (Carolanne, 5 mins)

a. By-law votes have passed.  New changes will be implemented in June and listed on the EDI website.  Key change is the change in election cycle.

3. Announce new and old candidates for voting rolls (Carolanne, 10 mins)

a. Two vacancies (one community, one floater).  Competitive process no longer needed.  Floater positions can be filled by any status. 

b. Community member is defined by someone who does not have a current defined relationship with UCLA (e.g. current student, staff, or faculty).  Could be someone affiliated with another institution.

c. Members are encouraged to solicit candidates who may be interested.

4. Live vote and speeches if need (Carolanne, 10 mins)

5. Confirm new committee (Carolanne, 10 mins)

a. Undergraduate student position confirmed: Nicholas Shinghal

b. Graduate student position confirmed: Emily Frake

c. Faculty position confirmed: Caitlin Solone

d. Staff position (full-term) confirmed: Carolanne Link

e. Staff position (full-term) confirmed: Sanaz Nabati

f. Staff position (half-term) confirmed: Sylvia Page 

g. Alum position confirmed: Sal Santa Ana

h. Floater position confirmed: Brooke Wilkinson

i. 2023-2024 voting members:

Katie Bogue

Kyle Udelson

Harold Pimentel

Travis Lee

Sylvia Page

Laura Mendoza

Adam Kipust

Camila Krause

Nicholas Shinghal

Emily Frake

Caitlin Solone

Carolanne Link

Sanaz Nabati

Quinn O’Connor

Sal Santa Ana

Brooke Wilkinson

Floater (Vacant)

Community (Vacant)

6. Announce next steps of election cycle (Carolanne, 5 mins)

a. Before next meeting, leadership will discuss strategy for two vacancies

b. Positions will start in the June meeting.  Attendance will be taken of members.  Please send proxy if a voting member is unable to attend.

c. Election campaigning for leadership positions will begin before April meeting.  Leadership elections take place every year.  

7. Darnell Hunt (EVC) Adrianna Galvan (Dean of Undergraduate Education) Meeting Summary (Travis, 5 mins)

a. Voiced current issues of students being denied accommodations

b. Quarterly meeting with EVC Hunt moving forward

c. Discussion of mandatory training for new staff and new faculty

8. Training for new faculty at UCLA (Travis, 5 mins)

a. UCOD will present training to EVC Hunt in June

b. UC-Wide Working Group for Students with Disabilities is also looking at training

c. Discussion of scope: new faculty and staff or just new faculty.  Decision to focus on new faculty.

d. Current faculty would have the option to take the training

e. This would be a starting point, could build on success to create training for staff, and for returning faculty. 

f. Discussion about making the training interactive and meaningful and how to incentivize participation.

g. Discussion about building training in-house vs. outsourcing.  

9. MetaMap Update

a. Next phase of the project is focusing on restrooms.  Data collection has begun.  Looking for volunteers to help map, especially volunteers who use male restrooms.  Let Carolanne know if you would like to be involved.

10. Conversation about sit-in (Travis, 5 mins)

a. Hybrid options have not been expanded.

b. Discussion about need for institutional support (EDI, UCOD) and relationship to retention

Action Items

  • Travis will draft learning objectives for training and distribute to committee

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

  1. Maryanne Wolf, Learning Disabilities Specialist (Dr. Wolf, 30 mins)
  2. Review learning objectives and discuss training mode