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In this moment of national crisis, we understand the value of a little more transparency, having facts, and receiving guidance. It’s especially valuable for fellow Bruins who are rightfully concerned about policing even in ordinary times much less these extraordinary times.

We wanted to offer some information that might help.

We will update this page as new content becomes available. If you know of a valuable resource that we have overlooked, please let us know at WeListen@equity.ucla.edu

last updated 2021 04 20

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Essential workers on campus after curfew

Community members who are “essential workers” may have to work on campus past curfew.  There’s understandable anxiety about the possibility of being stopped by police for breaking curfew. What should Bruins do?

First, UCPD has been trained to ask for UCLA ID and ask for the essential function. We realize that no one likes to have to justify one’s presence in one’s own space. But given the curfew, we encourage you to carry your UCLA ID.

Second, UCPD has explicitly shared this information with LAPD, should they be on or near campus for some reason.