crosscheck March 2, 2017

Title IX: Moving Forward Together

On February 28, the University of California released systemwide records of Title IX investigations conducted between January 2013 and April 2016. Although names were generally redacted to protect the identities of complainants and witnesses, the full investigation reports were provided and are circulating online.

crosscheck July 19, 2016

Viewpoint Neutrality

An investigation report completed by UCLA’s Discrimination Prevention Office has leaked to the Daily Bruin and was today produced under a public records request. It’s about a hot button issue: divestment from Israel. For multiple reasons, I’m wary about commenting on a report that we did not publicly release. But misunderstandings are spreading. And if this past year as Vice Chancellor has taught me anything, it is to embrace transparency and to meet challenges head-on.

June 15, 2016


Folks across UCLA are often curious about the various policies and procedures that, for instance, prohibit discrimination or otherwise regulate the conduct of UCLA students, staff, or faculty.  Here are a few UC and UCLA policies relevant to equity, diversity, and inclusion. ➡ For more information on UC policies and codes of conduct, as well … Continue reading “Policy”

crosscheck June 9, 2016

Trans Photo

You may have already seen it: a photo of smiling college students holding up posters saying, “Get your agenda out of my bathroom!” “There are only two genders!” “Transgenderism is a mental disorder!” I’m hoping that like me, the students in the photograph remain open to change. Perhaps decades later, when this photo resurfaces on some Internet search, they will recall this moment with regret, for having been needlessly cruel.