UCLA Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Native American and Indigenous Affairs – Selected Projects:

  • Land Acknowledgement Campaign which includes speaking to various faculty, administrators, staff and Deans; collaboration with the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion group on campus to put in place a plaque containing the land acknowledgement; and creating materials for a Spring-Fall 2020 poster and sticker launch (see downloadable PDF).
  • Carrying Our Ancestors Home a project comprised of materials and created films from the viewpoint of tribal practitioners working endlessly to help our ancestors come home.
  • Advising on creating more inclusive spaces across North and South campus and with various Los Angeles organizations and government municipalities. For a small example please see the Chemistry Department’s press release.
  • Lighting A Path Forward Symposium
  • Collecting Data and information on creating a Living and Learning Community on the Hill for our undergraduate students.
  • Working on in-state tuition for all American Indians and elimination of non-residential fees for our graduate students.
  • Supporting recruitment of American Indian and Indigenous faculty.
  • 2021 Gathering of Tribal Leaders
ucla map of tongva land
Artist Credit: River Tikwi Garza (https://www.rivergarza.com/about)

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