With almost 8,000 students, UCLA is home to a vibrant and diverse transfer student community. Coming from various identity groups and often differing from the “traditional” undergraduate experience, the transfer experience is a unique and powerful part of UCLA.

Highlighting the transfer student experience and uplifting those voices is essential in achieving the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’s mission of enhancing the values of equity, diversity and inclusion and upholding dignity for all.  In our Supporting Our Transfer Student Community Toolkit, we offer guidance, campus services, and resources to educate and inform the campus community on ways to best support our transfer student population.

In this EDI Toolkit you will find:

  • Training Opportunities
  • Opportunities for Engagement
  • Research and Data
  • Illuminating Media

We value your ideas and input! Please e-mail suggestions and recommendations to rklibaner@equity.ucla.edu.

Last Updated 07/19/2022


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It is important to acknowledge the social and academic obstacles as well as institutional barriers that transfers may be facing in order to better support them.