EDI’s training and compliance-related work falls into the following categories:


Prevention & Compliance

Generate legally mandated reports; act as a gatekeeper in faculty searches; investigate rigorously and objectively complaints of discrimination (including those triggered by sexual violence) and issue written findings; train various communities to prevent discrimination and sexual violence from happening in the first place. Examples include:


Connect and communicate with internal and external constituencies, through multiple media; provide clear information, prompt responses, informed analyses, and conceptual framings. Information flows both ways, which means that we are also listening and learning with every engagement. Examples include:

  • meetings with students, faculty, staff, alums, gov’t officials, regulators;
  • attendance at local, regional, and national events;
  • announcements, talks, lectures, keynotes;
  • media interviews, editorials, blogs, social media;
  • “public intellectual” engagements on the merits;
  • building a one-stop clearinghouse website for all equity, diversity, inclusion matters.

Advice and Counsel

Advise, collaborate, and coordinate with administrators, deans, department chairs, Equity Advisors, student leaders, and staff leadership on the business of the University that touches upon equity, diversity, and inclusion. Examples include:

  • regular meetings with campus administrative leadership;
  • regular meetings with campus academic leadership;
  • regular meetings with student and staff leadership;
  • coordinating steering committees and advisory boards.