Announcements and events submitted for inclusion in the news section must comply with the policies outlined in our Terms of Use and meet the Criteria for Posting outlined below.  News items will be accepted and published at the discretion of Committee leadership.

Criteria for Posting News Items

  • If the item is an event or activity, it must take place on the UCLA campus or be officially sponsored by a UCLA campus entity.
  • The announcement or event must clearly be related to disability through its participants and/or its subject matter.
  • The announcement or event may not be political in nature or sponsored by an organization affiliated with a political party.
  • The announcement or event may not be religious in nature or sponsored by an organization affiliated with a religious group.

Examples of Items That May Be Posted

  • An art exhibit on the UCLA campus featuring the work of students with visual impairments.
  • A guest speaker talking about disaster preparedness, including accommodations for staff members with special needs, presenting at the UCLA Faculty Center.
  • A Committee member receiving an award for their service to individuals with autism.
  • A disabled student or staff member being profiled in the Daily Bruin.
  • A scholarship opportunity for students with vision or hearing loss (when the scholarship may be used toward their studies at UCLA).

Examples of Items That Will Not Be Accepted

  • Meeting of the Westwood Democrats (WHY NOT? political in nature)
  • Meeting of Humane Society Volunteers (WHY NOT? not explicitly related to disability or Committee business)
  • An art exhibit being held at a gallery in Venice featuring local disabled artists. (WHY NOT? not occurring at UCLA or organized by a UCLA campus entity)
  • An article in the LA Times on technology to help students with learning disabilities. (WHY NOT? not specific to UCLA)

If you are unsure whether your news item meets the above criteria, please go ahead and submit it.  It will simply be declined if it does not comply with the guidelines.