This page provides guidelines to Committee leadership on how to manage this site.  They are posted publicly for easy access and transparency.

News and Events – until this site is integrated with the UCLA Logon, send postings to the Disabilities and Computing Program (DCP) team at  Once this site is integrated with the UCLA Logon, Committee members will be able to submit announcements directly to the site.  Committee leadership will receive an email notification and have the opportunity to approve the announcements before they appear to ensure they meet the Criteria for Posting.

Agendas and Minutes – the DCP team ( is included on the UCOD mailing list; if you notice that items are not being posted in a timely fashion, contact them directly to inquire.

Committee Roster – review annually in the fall; ask continuing members to verify their information; request photos and biographies from new members, both voting and ex-officio; update throughout the year as necessary.

Other Pages – review all pages annually in the fall; otherwise, update as necessary.