UCLA Committee on Disability / UCOD Meeting Notes (October 10, 2023)

UCOD Meeting Notes (October 10, 2023)

UCOD Meeting
October 10, 2023 / 2PM / Zoom


Voting Members:
Emily Frake, Michael Garafola, Adam Kipust, Travis Lee, Carolanne Link, Sanaz Nabati, Quinn O’Connor, Sylvia Page, Harold Pimental, Sal Santa Ana, Nicholas Shinghal, Caitlin Solone, Brooke Wilkinson

Katie Bogue, Camila Krause, Kyle Udelson

Mauricio Baker Mason, Fang-I Chu, Ariella Morrison, Rob Diaz, Natalie Landau Gibson, Yonit Kovnator, Omar Newland, Sherrika Carter, Brandie Kirkpatrick, Brian Won


1. Intros

2. Announcement of new Department of Justice Proposed Rule Making (Travis)

a. New exceptions for instructional accessibility for online learning management systems/password-protected content.  Material would not be required to be accessible except as a registered accommodation.  

b. A new focus on five day deadline for instructors to accommodate.

c. Carveout for third party vendors.  Clarification forthcoming.  

d. How it will impact UCLA: puts the responsibility onto the accommodations model, instead of a universally designed model.  

e. The UC system has provided comment that leadership is in agreement with this exception.  

Concern expressed over the creation of this comment and that disabled voices were overruled. 

f. These exceptions are not yet finalized.  

g. Could UCOD write a letter advocating for a higher standard than this guidance?

UCLA is now a Hispanic-Serving Institution–tie into equity issues of access to diagnostics required for accommodations

Travis will draft a letter to share with the leadership team and will bring to the next UCOD meeting.

3. MetaMap Update (Carolanne)

a. Accessible bathroom stall project started in 2023.  Received funding from Office of EDI.  

b. DCP has lost funding for ongoing GIS student position.  

c. UCOD votes to submit an additional grant from EDI to replace this position.  

d. There should be money earmarked from EDI for UCOD.  

4. How we can support and market the rest of Disability Pride Week at UCLA (Everyone)

a. Please promote events for the rest of the week on Instagram and Social Media and in departments. 

b. Strategic Communications has been reposting DPW events on social media.

5. Disability Training for all new faculty (Travis)

a. Bruin Learn course in development

b. Katie Healey, the author of the training is now at UC Davis

c. Looking to regain volunteers

Adam volunteers and can bring in a faculty reviewer, Brandie, Carolanne, Sylvia.

d. Goal is to have the draft ready before the new year for EVC Hunt and Dean Galvan

e. Strategize how to get the training to all faculty, not just new faculty

6. New internship program with DCP and Disability Studies (Carolanne and Caitlin)

a. Moved to next agenda

7. Open Forum 

a. Open the floor to any issues that have been on your mind.

b. Changes in CAE procedures:no longer assigning individual disability specialists due to staffing shortages, requesting exam logistics within a week of the exam

Laura’s idea of possibly integrating some of these tasks into academic counselor duties 

Lack of funding for CAE and retention of CAE staff are compliance issues

Ask Spencer to discuss these topics at the next meeting

c. Need for sensory-friendly spaces on campus

d. Discussion of the progress with the Lily Shaw Disability Cultural Center.  FAC met with administrators to discuss sites, including spaces on the hill.  UCOD can help advocate for space.

Action Items

  1. Travis will draft a letter about the DOJ guidance to share with the leadership team and will bring to the next meeting
  2. Travis will ask Spencer/CAE to attend the next meeting.

Items for Next Meeting Agenda

  1. UCOD’s response to the new DOJ guidance
  2. New internship program with DCP and Disability Studies (Carolanne and Caitlin)
  3. CAE updates and discussion