EDI @ UCLA / Accountability


When a community is committed to advancing a common mission with shared values, it harnesses the power of collective action and impact. Here, accountability is key. Holding ourselves accountable to our values is fundamental to our mission, success, impact and our well-being. Through the investigations and findings of the EDI Civil Rights Office, we work to uphold UCLA’s commitment to protect civil rights and promote anti-discrimination. Our work in this area is reported annually through the EDI Public Accountability Report to promote transparency. EDI also produces UCLA’s federally mandated Affirmative Action reports. The EDI Data Hub and Dashboards provide demographic data and advance EDI’s commitment to facilitating data-informed decision making, transparency and accountability.

At UCLA, EDI is everyone’s responsibility. Learn more about EDI’s impact, support for the UCLA community and ways to join the mission. We welcome your feedback by email at WeListen@equity.ucla.edu.