All search committee members must receive a Faculty Search Briefing.

Waivers of Search may be available for the appointment of a UC President’s or Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow.  Want to search for former Fellows? Check out EDI’s Fellows Database (data from UCOP’s Fellows directory).

The Faculty Search Briefing


The Briefing covers the search process; relevant regulations and laws that govern the searching and interviewing process; recent research findings related to recruiting, interviewing and evaluating candidates; and best practices that promote equity. All faculty members are invited to attend.

Faculty Search Briefing Checklist

  1. Watch Implicit Bias Video Series.
  2. Certify that you watched the Implicit Bias Video Series.
  3. RSVP for Faculty Search Briefing (at least two weeks in advance).
  4. Attend Faculty Search Briefing.

List of faculty who have been trained

All members of a search committee–which includes internal-only searches for endowed chairs–must have completed a Briefing within the past four years.  Want to know who’s been trained? Here’s a list (pdf).

 Upcoming Faculty Search Briefings

  • All briefings for AY 2016-17 have concluded.  If you need to receive a Faculty Search Briefing before AY 2017-18, please contact your Equity Advisor.  A schedule of AY 2017-18 Faculty Search Briefings will be released this summer.

➡ All attendees must RSVP at least two weeks before the date of the briefing.  For more information, see Vice Chancellor Kang’s memo communicating this policy (pdf).

Faculty Search Committee Resources

Our Faculty Search Committee Resources page contains videos, handouts, and other materials related to the Briefing and faculty hiring.  For information regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’s role during the search process, see the Faculty Search Process Policy Memorandum & Revisions Cover Letter Memo (with changelog).

New Hiring GuideSearching for Excellence (pdf)