In 2015, the UCLA Discrimination Prevention Office (DPO) received reports alleging incidents involving racial harassment and discrimination by a Professor against two male graduate students in the Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences. These reports alleged that the Professor made physical contact with one student during a heated classroom discussion, and made physical contact with the other student during a heated conversation at a public forum. The DPO conducted an extensive investigation and concluded that the alleged incidents occurred, and that the Professor’s actions violated University policy, including policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment. The DPO report was submitted to the appropriate Administration and Academic Senate Offices for further handling. While there was disagreement as to the facts and their implications, the parties addressed the matter informally and it has been resolved through a confidential mediation leading to opportunities for growth and learning regarding issues of race, culture, privacy rights, and fair and non-disruptive discourse on campus. The campus remains committed to appropriately addressing bias and discrimination in our environment.

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