Through the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and its independent offices (Discrimination Prevention and Title IX), the University has authority to examine and investigate various forms of conduct that violate non-discrimination policy or undermine equal learning and working environments. This work is often done in the form of  Formal Investigations and Climate Assessments.

To promote transparency, we’d like to share some of that work when lawful and prudent to do so. Even when matters are resolved by settlement, we’d like to post a statement describing the terms of that resolution whenever we can. The amount of detail we can share in any given case is a function of legal constraints, privacy considerations, and complex negotiations. But EDI is committed to bargaining hard in favor of greater transparency. By sharing this information, our goal is to increase accountability, promote a sense of closure, deter future bad behavior, and educate the UCLA community about important policies, procedures, and community norms.

Recent Statements (scroll down for full archive):

Agreed-Upon Statements

  ➡ To learn more about these statements, how they’re produced, and what they can disclose, we strongly encourage you to review this FAQ.

Charges Committee Complaint against Prof. T. Denove in Department of Film, Television & Digital Media (2019)

Title IX Investigation of professor in School of Theater, Film and Television (2018)

Title IX Investigation of professor in Division of Humanities (2018)

Title IX Investigation of Prof. G. Piterberg (2018)

DPO Investigation of professor in Graduate School of Education & Information Sciences (GSEIS) (2017)

Investigation Reports and Public Accountability Summaries

Investigation Concerning Alleged Title IX Procedures Misuse (2018)

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Minutes Investigation (2016)