As Bruins, we stand for something. That includes a fundamental commitment to building an equal learning, working, and living environment for all. When we recognize that we have not quite lived up to such commitments, we roll up our sleeves and find ways to do better.

To demonstrate our commitment to action, as well as accountability-through-transparency, we’re experimenting with something new (as of Dec. 2018). We’re going to try sharing Progress Dashboards on select high-profile problems we’re trying hard to fix.  These dashboards will record not only our commitments but also our concrete actions.

Obviously, it won’t be feasible to create Progress Dashboards on all the challenges facing the University. Also, even when we launch a dashboard, we won’t be able to share everything we know or have done because of legal and policy constraints. That said, our goal is to achieve a genuine and meaningful transparency — to share as much as reasonably possible, as often as possible.

As always, we invite feedback on how to make this mode of communication better.

new & highlighted content:

  • 2019.05.28: Incident in Anthro Lecture
  • 2018.12.19: Incidents at University Apartments South
Incident in Anthro Lecture
Incident at University Apartments South (UAS)