Welcome to UCLA EDI’s “Supporting Our LGBTQ+ Communities” Toolkit!  The acronym LGBTQ+ refers to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer” with a “+” sign to recognize the variety of sexual orientations and gender identities used by members of the community.

As a key part of the Los Angeles landscape, UCLA and its alumni have a unique history within the movement for LGBTQ+ rights in Southern California. In 1969, a group of gay rights activists launched the Los Angeles Gay Liberation Front (GLF), an important chapter of the larger national movement. Among these founding organizers was John Burnside, a Bruin from the Class of 1954. Meanwhile, UCLA students started their own chapter of the GLF, becoming the campus’s first openly gay and lesbian student organization. Currently, UCLA is home to a variety of LGBTQ+ spaces on campus, ranging from book clubs to publications and professional societies.

The resources in this public Toolkit were compiled to orient and inform students, faculty, and staff as they begin or continue their journey at UCLA. Our campus community and partners offer many opportunities to celebrate, uplift, and learn about our LGBTQ+ Bruin community. Check out campus-specific centers or learn more about services provided by Los Angeles LGBTQ+ community organizations. We hope this Toolkit prepares you to engage, learn, and thrive on and off campus.

Last Updated 10/31/2022