Welcome to UCLA EDI’s Race, Racism & Antiracism Toolkit!  The purpose of this online resource is to present a collection of diverse resources related to: 1) the definition and study of race/racism, 2) the history and experience of racism in the United States and around the world, and 3) local and global antiracism practices and strategies. This collection of resources includes multimedia and organizational tools both internal and external to UCLA.

The resources in this public Toolkit were compiled with the aim to orient and inform students, faculty, and staff as they begin or continue their journey at UCLA. Readers outside of the UCLA community should also feel free to utilize this educational resource and share it with the broader public. Our UCLA community and partners offer many opportunities to engage with the complex issues explored in this Toolkit, as well as with the growing number of racial communities performing the often overlooked and under-celebrated work of practicing antiracism and educating others.

We hope this Toolkit prepares you to engage, learn, and thrive at UCLA and beyond!

Last Updated 04/18/2023

Defining and Studying Race and Racism


The concepts of “race” and “racism” have been examined within various academic disciplines, including the social sciences, law, and medicine.  Given such diverse schools of thought, related definitions have been both complex and varied.  In particular, the definition of racism has evolved over time to reflect an increasing acknowledgment of the role of power in perpetuating systemic and structural oppression.

The online resources below explore a variety of historical and contemporary perspectives on race and racism.  Some resources examine definitions of race as a social construct or explore conceptualizations of racism as “prejudice plus power.”  Others represent the work of research centers addressing matters related to race and racism in various disciplines.  An effort has been made to present a wide array of resources that represent perspectives of race and racism within the United States, as well as globally. However, the information contained in this toolkit is neither exhaustive nor comprehensive.

Racism Around the World


The history of race and race relations in the United States continues to be chronicled by numerous scholars (e.g., Ibram Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning) and in various forms of mass media (e.g., Ken Burns’ UNUM – One Nation, Many Stories; Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 1619 project).  However, the concept of racism extends beyond the United States and has become the focus of international attention in recent years.  Various organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF have offered statements and accounts regarding the prevalence of racism as a global issue.

Although many of this Toolkit’s resources focus on the unique history of race and race relations in the United States of America, it also acknowledges and explores the concept of racism on a global scale.

Anti-Racism Practices and Strategies


This section is intended to serve as a basic starting point for those who seek a better understanding of antiracism practices and strategies. Although this section is not comprehensive or exhaustive, it does endeavor to explore various local and global approaches to antiracism and racial justice. The EDI Office will continue to supplement and update this toolkit as informed by best practices and current events.

Other Educational Resources


Please take the opportunity to explore other informational resources, including EDI’s race-related toolkits and educational materials!

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