EDI’s research work falls into the following categories:


Research & Policy

Research, test, and re-engineer various practices and policies to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion; rationalize, rebuild, and rewrite internal procedures and manuals; conduct R&D and translate academic knowledge into pragmatic “best practices.” Examples include:

  • developing equitable and inclusive hiring practices;
  • redesigning complaint investigation procedures;
  • helping redraft university policies and principles;
  • re-engineering student evaluation forms;
  • interventions to lift stereotype-threat and counter implicit bias;
  • exploring and refining measures of campus climate.

Data Hub

The EDI Data Hub page provides a home for all research and data related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Current and trend information about the gender and racial/ethnic composition of students, faculty, and staff may be viewed via the BruinX Dashboards.


Distribute (scarce) resources to encourage recruitment and retention of faculty who further the Office’s mission; make human capital investments in such faculty; contribute resources to students, staff, and faculty for campus programming and initiatives that further the Office’s mission. Examples include:

  • EDI Funding Requests
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)-based calls to distribute programming and research funding;
  • modest ad-hoc financial support for programming;
  • faculty Career Development Awards;
  • faculty scholarships for self-development programs.